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The Shulman Center Video Archives
Counseling for Over-shopping and Over-spending

Television / radio apprearances and expert testimony

Date Event
11.26.14 Click here to hear Mr. Shulman's interview on Hoarding and compulsive shopping on HealthyLife.Net
11.27.13 Mr. Shulman participated in a radio interview on compulsive stealing, spending and hoarding for Canadian radio
08.16.13 Mr Shulman interviewed in a panel discussion about shopping addiction on HuffPostLive! Click here to watch!
02.22.12 Nightline - Shopaholic Says Shoplifting Arrest Was Her Wake-Up Call
05.03.11 Canada's Vision TV's The Science of Sin" May 3, 2011
6.27.10 The Today Show "Returnaholics"
Women’s Entertainment TV’s “Secret Lives of Women”
11.10.09 HLN's The Joy Behar Show
9.21.08 "Street Beat" Detroit
7.20.08 MTV, "True Life: I'm a Compulsive Shopper"
7.18.08 CBS's The Early Show, "Confessions of a Compulsive Shopper"
7.10.07 Women's Entertainment Network TV's "Secret Lives of Women"
6.16.07 "More than You Bargained For", Detroit Free Press
2.22.07, 2.23.07 Detroit ABC Local News
7.03.06 The Montel Show - Secret Lives and Compulsive Shopping


Presentations and conferences by
Mr. Shulman

Date Event
03.01.14 Mr. Shulman presented at The Betty Ford Treatment Center in Rancho Mirage, CA on compulsive theft, spending and hoarding.
10.27.13 Mr. Shulman will be presented an all-day seminar on compulsive theft, spending and hoarding at Jewish Family Services in West Bloomfield, MI.
11.29.12 Speaker on his book "Cluttered Lives, Empty Souls" at Lido Gallery in Birmingham, MI
11.18.12 Speaker at Annual Jewish Book Fair local authors in West Bloomfield, MI
10.01.12 National Conference on Addictive Disorders in Orlando, FL
08.24.12 The Addiction Studies Institute in Columbus, OH
04.14.12 Living Recovery in an Addictive World - Ferndale, MI
11.04.11 The Illinois Institute for Addiction and Recovery in Chicago
10.25.11 Birmingham Community House, Birmingham, MI
10.01.11 The Third International Conference on Compulsive Theft, Spending and Hoarding in Detroit
09.08.11 Inner Wisdom Healing Center, Southfield, MI
06.13.11 West Coast Symposium on Addictive Disorders Palm Springs, CA
04.16.11 Mr. Shulman presented on compulsive theft, spending and hoarding at mini-conference on addictions/recovery in Ferndale, MI
02.11 & 2.13.11 Jewish Family Services Seminar
10.29.10 The Empowerment Professionals Process Addiction Conference, Royal Oak, MI
9.8.10 NAADAC National Addiction Conference, Washington, DC
11.5.09 - 11.8.09 Association of Intervention Specialists Annual Conference in Palm Desert, CA
10.23.09, 10.25.09 Jewish Family services, West bloomfield, MI
04.24.09 Foundation Recovery Network's Process Addictions Conference (Las Vegas, NV)
10.16.08 2nd International Conference on Compulsive Theft & Spending 9/27/08


Articles written by or featuring
Mr. Shulman as an expert

Date Publication
06.01.14 Click here to read "Web of Buys: Addicted to Online Shopping" by Terrence Shulman
05.01.14 article by Mr. Shulman tells us how stores manipulate us into buying with technology.
09.23.13 Mr. Shulman was quoted in an article about men and shopping addiction in a Hong Kong newspaper magazine.
12.10.13 Daily Deals: Are You an Addict? Published on
12.02.13 Shopping Bulimia: Is binge and purge buying the newest disorder? published in
4.10.13 Mr. Shulman is quoted in an article on shopping addiction in Fox Business News online
4.10.13 Mr. Shulman is quoted in an article on shopping addiction in Everyday Health online
3.29.13 Mr. Shulman is quoted in an article on shopping addiction in The Daily Beast online
3.27.13 Mr. Shulman is quoted in an article on shopping addiction in Business Insider online
12.1.12 Mr. Shulman is quoted in an article about shopping addiction in Boston Style Magazine online. Click here to view
12.1.12 Mr. Shulman published an article on compulsive stealing, spending and hoarding for Counselor Magazine
June Addiction Professionals Magazine
12.6.11 Wall Street Journal - Shop 'Til You Stop: How to Treat Compulsive Spending (overshopping)
10.1.11 The Metro Times (Cluttered Lives, Empty Souls)
01.11 Shopping addiction and retrunaholics in the Jack Hayes Quarterly Loss Prevention Newsletter
01.11 Renew Recovery Magazine (overshopping/overspending)
12.30.10 Oklahoma Journal Record (shopping addiction)
12.16.10 On credit card fraud at
11.25.10 New York Post—on overshopping/overspending
11.15.10 Newsweek magazine on compulsive shopping. Click here or here
05.10 Article on compulsive theft & spending at
Winter 09 Paradigm Magazine - "Bought Out and $pent"
03.30.09 People Magazine (Shopping Addictions)
03.09 Elle Canada Magazine (Shopping Addictions)
02.13.09 People Magazine (Shopping Addictions)
02.08.09 L.A. Times (Shopping Addictions)
02.03.09 Chicago Tribune - Red Eye (Shopping Addictions)
12.15.08 The Wall Street Journal (Compulsive Shopping & Spending)
10.20.08 The University of Michigan Alumni Magazine
10.16.08 The Detroit Legal News
07.16.08 Detroit Free Press
06.29.08 Washington Post (Compulsive Shopping)


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Bought Out And $pent
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Shopaholics Hoarding Disorders Employee Theft
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